Company Profile



In 1960 Acme Commercial ways (Pvt) Ltd. was established to provide an excellent  service for Importers of Surgical, Dental & Veterinary instruments around the world. Since its establishment,Acme is  providing Quality instruments, services and information not only in the field of Surgery but Veterinary as well.

Acme Commercial ways has the following certificates to it’s credit.

1) ISO 9001-2001             2) CE               3) GMP                  4) ISO 13485:2003

Our Company Mission:-
To provide high-quality products at reasonable prices and delivered promptly. Keep an open and creative mind to new ideas, to establish and develop friendly business relations with customers worldwide.

Our instruments represent to us---and for the professions we serve---a statement of what we do, how we do it, and why we do it. They are exceptional instruments, renowned in the world over for their precision, performance, longevity, reliability, and uncompromising quality.

We offer the best price, the best quality and prompt delivery. All the products are being precisely checked before despatching to our customers and we make sure to produce the goods as desired by our customers.We use high quality German,Japanese & French steels  for the manufacturing of our instruments. It depends on our customers what steel they would prefer for their instruments.

Instrument manufacture is an exacting skill, demanding dexterity, concentration, and patience. Every Acme instrument is formed, precision-ground, sharpened, polished, and finished by hand. During the entire process, each instrument is thoroughly checked and re-checked.

At Acme, our customers success is our success.  Therefore, our primary objective is to offer total customer satisfaction through our staff and most especially our products.


Acme Commercial Ways(Pvt)Ltd. is divided into different units  & catagories. These units are follows:


These general instruments are mainly Scissors, Forceps, and Retractors etc. Quality management system is rendered in the factory to facilitate the production and also to ensure that the quality meets the International Standards.


The orthopaedic instruments unit concentrates in providing the techniques required in the manufacturing of the instruments relating to this category of Surgical instruments. Special care is taken to check the process of the manufacturing of these instruments.


The gynecology instruments unit provides the necessary techniques required to manufacture the instruments that correspond to this section of Surgical instruments.


The Dental instruments contain all Diagnostic, Periodontal & Restorative Instruments, Root elevators, Extracting Forceps, Maxillofacial Surgery Instruments, Orthodontic Instruments, Dental Implants Instruments, Clinical & Dental Instruments Sets, Impression Trays & Hollow Ware. The Dental instruments unit is engaged to look after this section of our vast product line.


The veterinary instruments unit provides its services to ensure both quality and perfection in this field of our product line.

Our export markets includes Europe, Middle East, U.S.A, Latin America, Africa, & Russia.